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Yoga is something different to most people. It’s quite diverse, and practitioners have different expectations when they start. That’s perfectly okay. Whether your goal is greater enlightenment, a more toned and muscular body, or relief from disease, there’s a yoga for you. This free video course can serve as a guide.

The philosophy of yoga has been around for 5,000 years. That’s an undeniable staying power. Yoga is not just an ‘exercise’, it is a philosophy, a way of thinking rather than a religion. In ancient India, the word yoga meant union. It refers to a union of the entire self – mind, body, and spirit.

This union is achieved through physical poses, frequently called asanas, although asana is just one of the many types of yoga. These poses are meant to heighten awareness of mind and body, which makes yoga a natural corollary to meditation.

Today’s researchers are discovering the many benefits of yoga.
While it can increase spirituality, it also has the ability to heal many ailments and diseases, especially stress, immune system disorders, and heart problems. It also provides increased flexibility, which can
reverse the aging process.
So let’s dive in ….

Absolute Yoga


Absolute Yoga Free Video Course Video 1 Introduction


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    Video 2 The Science of Yoga and its Health Benefits


    Video 3 Yoga History


    Video 4 Emotions and the Mind/Body Connection


    Video 5 Yoga, Strength, and Flexibility


    Video 6 Yoga and Cardio and Weight Loss


    Video 7 Types of Yoga


    Video 8 Yoga Poses & Immunity


    Video 9 How to Get Started Doing Yoga


    Video 10 Preventing Injuries


    Video 11 Yoga and Meditation


    Absolute Yoga Free Video Course Video 12 Conclusion

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