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Some mornings you may feel that there is something deeper and more fulfilling that you could be a part of, but you don’t know what it is or how you can obtain it. You feel the pull toward something, but you can’t pin it down, and it frustrates you.

You may wake up wondering, what your purpose is in life and what your true calling really is. You may have heard the stories from musicians and writers who have felt their calling their entire lives, and you wish, deep down, that you had this same kind of knowing to pull your forward.

More and more people are choosing to reinvent themselves and discover their true calling and purpose in life rather than continuing to work in a job they hate and living someone else’s purpose.

The choices that each person makes throughout their lives are what create the reality in which they live. Each decision they make comes with its own set of possible outcomes. Some of the questions that people routinely ask themselves are, “why am I here?” and “what am I supposed to be doing with my life?”

If you haven’t discovered your life’s purpose and true calling yet, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people are in search of their true mission, or true calling in life, which is indeed a worthy endeavor. Recent studies have shown that when you know your sense of purpose in life, you can add an extra seven years of additional life expectancy. However, finding your true calling can be a bit challenging because it can be an extremely abstract and ambiguous process. When it comes to discovering and fulfilling your true calling, it can help if you make the process more concrete and actionable Knowing your purpose may compel you to take on more challenges that will help to stretch you as much as they inspire you.

Just like a boat that is under power can handle any size wave if it is perpendicular to it when an explicit purpose powers you there is little that you can’t do. If you find that you are stuck in a life that you don’t enjoy, maybe it’s time for you to take the first step in finding your purpose and fulfilling your true calling in life.


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  • Put Your Ball Striking On Autopilot And Build A True 'Timing Free' Golf Swing.
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