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Boost Your Confidence By Unleashing The Power Of Belief

“To believe is to achieve…”
How many of times have you heard that saying? While it may
make sense intellectually to most people, living out this saying is
another thing altogether. You know it, and I know it.

There are many things we know should work in our lives, but in reality, they
don’t. They don’t even stand a prayer.

Belief powers successful action. This is the reality. While we can
say to ourselves that believing to achieve is possible for others,
but not possible for us, we still have to confront this reality.

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If you look at any successful person, from multimillionaires to
billionaires, to captains of industry, to political powerhouses, it
should be easy to see how their beliefs propel their action. Let me
say it again, belief powers successful action.

The most successful people in the world have amazing powers of
belief. They can be like Oprah Winfrey who came from absolutely
nowhere and became a female billionaire in the United States.
She did not have family connections, she did not go to the right
schools, there was no army of people looking to promote her
when she began her career. Through sheer force of will and
unstoppable belief, she became a billionaire.

Considering all the factors working against her – black, female,
a rape victim, a survivor of emotional abuse, a survivor of
several rejections – she still made it. As the stoic philosopher
Epictetus said, “Circumstances do not make the man. They
merely reveal him to himself.”

When you believe, you have a tremendous power core located
deep within you. It doesn’t matter what’s going on outside of you.
It doesn’t matter how many people point at you and laugh at you
and call you crazy. It doesn’t matter how many people have it in
for you to block your every step. It doesn’t matter what your
feelings are. Regardless of how much access you have to
resources, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that you have
this store of power locked within you that you can access at any

This is the secret most successful people have. They are able to
tap into the amazing powers of belief. They believe in
themselves, their cause, their projects so much that their belief
translates to action. Even better, when they meet obstacles and
setbacks like everyone else, it doesn’t faze them… because they
believe in what they’re doing and what they are trying to

Their power of belief is so strong that it produces an infectious
confidence that people around them simply can’t ignore or fight
off. Have you ever noticed that successful people tend to reach
the highest levels of power and financial wealth because they are
able to inspire people around them? That’s how unstoppable their
confidence is. It is not just for them. They don’t just lock it away
or keep it to themselves. Instead, it spreads far from their initial
circle of influence.

Indeed, successful leaders like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and others,
are able to do massive things in life because they inspire others
around them to share their belief… and be empowered by the
confidence this belief produces. The good news? If they can do
it, you can too.

This book steps you through the following process:
• Identify your beliefs
• Highlight positive and empowering beliefs
• Reform and eliminate limiting beliefs
• Live out your belief
• Create positive confidence feedback loops
• Infect others with your sense of possibility and positivity

Are you ready to begin?…
Let’s dive in!

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