Free Video Course – Building Your Buyers List

Foolproof Viral Strategy… Add Hungry BUYERS To Your Email List By Leveraging Others!

You’ll Learn How To:

Have other vendors build your list for you
Establish Credibility Quickly
Create a BUYERS ONLY list!
Gain customer trust and PROVIDE VALUE!
Add New Buyers On AUTOPILOT!

Building List Affiliates


Video 1 Introduction & Quick Overview


Video 2 Different Types of Customer Lists


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Video 3 Highest Converting List and How This Works


Video 4 Formula for High Value TY Offers


Video 5 Finding Vendors to Piggyback On


Video 6 Vendor and Buyer Analysis


Video 7 Creating Quality TY Offers


Video 8 Building List 1 Vendors


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Video 9 Building List 2 Affiliates


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