Dominate Your Year – Free Video Course

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Reach New Heights in Your Life, Dominate Your Year!
Learn How to Achieve Your Goals Quickly

Learn how to stop wasting your time setting goals that you’re never going to achieve.
Setting SMART goals will ensure you achieve every goal you set for your life in less time than you thought possible.

Becoming an elite goal setter


Course Content

Video 1 – 3 Important Steps

Video 2 – 4 Simple tips for your goals

Video 3 – 5 Easy steps to reach your goals

Video 4 – Creating an action plan

Video 5 – How to accelerate your goals

Video 6 – How to achieve any goals

Video 7 – Discover your purpose

Video 8 – Program your mind to success

Video 9 – How to stay focused

Video 10 Becoming an elite goal setter



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