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Communication design

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     Video 01 PS Creating A New Document

    Video 02 PS Common Selection Tools And Uses

    Video 03 PS File Types And Modes

    Video 04 PS Cropping Resizing And Resolution

    Video 05 PS Working With Layers

    Video 06 PS Layer Blending Modes

    Video 07 PS The Text Tool

    Video 08 PS Glowing Text Effect

    Video 09 PS Gold Text Effect

    Video 10 GIMP Getting Started With GIMP

    Video 11 GIMP Create Save And Export Images

    Video 12 GIMP Resize Crop Rotate And Flip Images

    Video 13 GIMP Introduction To Layers

    Video 14 GIMP Selection Tools

    Video 15 GIMP Paint Tools


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    & don’t forget to have fun!

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