Eczema can disrupt and control your entire life in so many ways.

This is the chance for you to take control and enjoy everything life has to offer. Imagine your life without rashes, inflammation, and cracking, unsightly skin. Then go and make it happen.

Eczema, that horrible itchy rash on your skin, isn’t new. Ancient Egyptians suffered from eczema and sought relief with oatmeal baths. And it worked!

The standard medical cure for eczema is a hydrocortisone steroids cream. This works well at alleviating the symptoms, but it does nothing to address the underlying causes of eczema.

Certain changes in your daily life can do much to rid yourself of eczema. Most rashes have very specific triggers.

Once you identify the triggers and alleviate them from your environment, you are taking the necessary steps to rid yourself of the symptoms of eczema.

Course Content

Video 1 Introduction

Video 2 What is Eczema

Video 3 The Eczema Itch

Video 4 Eczema and Your Emotions

Video 5 Eczema and Meditation

Video 6 Eczema and Skin Hydration

Video 7 Home Remedies if You Have Eczema

Video 8 Coping with Eczema Every Day

Video 9 Allergy-Proof Your Home

Video 10 Eczema and Children

Video 11 Conclusion

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