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Let’s face it. If you’re not achieving the kind of results you had hoped to get with your life, maybe the reason doesn’t lie with other people. Put simply, you cannot blame other people for your lack of success. Maybe it’s not a situation out of your control.


Maybe it’s not the fact that you weren’t born with advantages, maybe it has nothing to do with with any of the common reasons you give yourself.
Instead, it may have everything to do with the excuses you choose to believe in.
You have to understand that you are always in control of your life. The only person who is truly responsible for your life is yourself. Stop giving yourself any of the common excuses below. If you want to live a more consequential and yes, effective life.


People who think this way believe that the world, and all the goodness in it, is like a giant pie. For a person’s slice to get bigger, somebody’s slice has to necessarily get smaller. You have to remember that if you want to achieve the best, ‘the best’ is largely defined by you. The outcome that you get out of any effort is ultimately going to be judged by you.


When you say that the best is already taken by others you’re just giving yourself an excuse not to try.
You are assuming that there’s only a fixed amount of “the best things in life.” That’s not true.
You may come in third place and still think you did your best. That is good enough.

Stop robbing yourself of opportunities for victory by refusing to even try. Ultimately, whether you came in first place or not, what matters most, at the end of the day, all boils down to whether you selected a vision for yourself and did everything you could to achieve that vision.


That’s going to be the measure that you’re going to have to live with. That’s how you determine ‘the best.’ Sadly, thinking that ‘the best’ has already been taken is just an excuse to not even try When you constantly compare yourself to other people, don’t be surprised if you come out looking like a loser most of the time. This happens quite a bit. Why? You compare all the best things they have going for themselves with the worst things in your life.


Otherwise, you wouldn’t be comparing.
If you feel that you’re in any way lacking or inadequate in a certain part of your life, you wouldn’t be comparing that part of yourself with other people. There would not be any need to.

This is why it’s a bad idea to think of ultimate outcomes in terms of comparison. Instead, you should run a race with yourself. You should ask yourself, “Did I try hard enough? Did I believe in something badly enough to get off my ass and make something out of myself?”


Those are the things that you should be asking instead of constantly comparing yourself to others. If you keep comparing yourself to others, then most things that you do wouldn’t matter because you always come out on the losing end.

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