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When it comes to generating sales for a business, more salespeople are only as good as their leads. Since, its inception, LinkedIn has been known as a great place to search for a job and network with like-minded people.

However, in recent years it has emerged as an excellent resource for generating more leads. For many, taking the time to manage a LinkedIn account for their business is a waste. However, according to recent studies, LinkedIn has been shown to drive 80 percent of all B2B social media leads, beating out Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. This means that looking at LinkedIn as the platform to utilize to generate more leads may prove to be worthwhile.

When you are approaching LinkedIn from the perspective of lead generation and sales, it is best if you view the professional networking platform as an investment for the future, because implementing any one individual action isn’t going to increase the leads that your business receives. Instead, you have to put in a sustained effort toward building your business credibility, engaging with other members of the platform, and maintaining a high level of activity if you want potential leads to noticing your company’s involvement.

Actively participating on LinkedIn will inevitably help your company stand out from the crowd. Spending just a few hours every day on LinkedIn can result in huge dividends for your business, not only with an increase in the volume of leads that you obtain but as well as the quality of the leads.


Video 1 – 3 Simple Ways to Increase Sales with LinkedIn

Video 2 – 4 Ways to Utilize LinkedIn Video to Increase Sales

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    Video 3 – 5 Creative Strategies for Using LinkedIn to Generate Leads

    Video 4 – 5 Tips for Using LinkedIn for Business Marketing

    Video 5 – How to Create a LinkedIn Profile That Will Get You Noticed

    Video 6 – Key Strategies for Leveraging LinkedIn to Generate More Leads

    Video 7 – The Best Way to Increase Highly Targeted Leads in LinkedIn

    Video 8 – The Best Ways to Utilize LinkedIn to Promote Your Business and Increase Sales

    Video 9 – Top 5 Strategies for Using LinkedIn Ads to Generate Traffic

    Video 10 – Top Tips for Using LinkedIn to Increase Business Sales

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