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If you’re a list marketer, you know that list marketing, as exciting as it can be, isn’t a slam dunk. If that was the case, then the hundreds of thousands if not millions of people trying their hand at list marketing would be overnight millionaires. That, obviously, is not the reality.


Most people fail with list marketing because they’re not operating with key values. Don’t get me wrong. These people know what to do.

They know how to find the right market, they know how to set up their mailing list, they might even know online marketing like the back of their hand.

Regardless of their knowledge, however, their actions are informed by and motivated by the wrong core values and they fail again and again. If you want to achieve breakout results with your list marketing efforts, listen up.

You should be pushed by the right values.

That’s how a lot of otherwise intelligent, driven and motivated people fail in this game. It’s not a question of having access to the right resources.

You have to be motivated by the right values for you to succeed because let me tell you, list marketing can be hard on your nerves. It really can be.

You’re putting in effort day after day and regardless of what you do, regardless of what you try, regardless of how intense your efforts are, things don’t pan out.

Nobody’s immune to this. All of us suffer those down days. If you are motivated by the wrong values, those days will get the better of you until eventually, you quit.

What are these three core values that I’ve been taking about?


Core Value # 1: Build Your Business Around Existing Demand

The first thing that you need to do is to avoid the mindset of “build it and they will come”. Usually, people who think along these lines think that they are geniuses. These are people who think that whatever ideas they come up with are so new, so revolutionary and so earth-shattering that nobody has thought about these ideas. Talk about presumptuous.

Regardless of your idea, chances are, somebody has thought about it before you. If the problem exists, you can bet that somebody has tried to solve that problem.

Their implementation or specific idea may not be identical to yours but I can guarantee that it comes close.

You have to understand that what makes a business successful or not turns less on the novelty of the idea but on how that idea fits people’s needs. In other words, how are these ideas implemented and executed?

For success to happen, your target customers’ needs and demands must be met. Otherwise, your business is dead in the water.


Too many people, regardless of how intelligent they are, regardless of the amount of business experience they have under their belt, flat out fail because they build their business around the hot idea instead of existing demand.

If you are a list marketer, you have to go out there, figure out where your customers are, rub digital shoulders with them, and pay attention to what’s going on the ground. Once you have that information, you then have access to the data points you need to build a business system that speaks to existing demands.

Instead, you are several inches closer to the kind of implementation that would actually make an impact on people’s every day waking reality.


Build your business around existing demand. Doing it any other way will either be too expensive, take too much time, and is too uncertain.


Core Value # 2: Zero In And Meet Your Audience’s Needs

Understand that the essence of excellent salesmanship hasn’t changed. If you ask an old-school veteran salesperson who is extremely successful, they will tell you that the secret to sales is classic. What is the classic formula? Very simple. To help yourself, you must first help others. See, I told you it was simple.

In fact, it’s so basic that it seems like common sense. Most people are unable to grasp this. Instead, they focus on what they need. They focus on how awesome their product is.

They obsess about how many features their product brings to the table but let me tell you, the cold hard truth is people don’t care about your features, about what you know, until they know that you care about their needs.

This should be obvious, because you are always asking yourself “what’s in it for me?” Now, if you ask yourself that question, don’t you think everybody else is asking that question?


If you were to zero in on that psychology and make sure that you position your product to speak directly to that question, then you have a competitive advantage.

Nobody’s talking about the needs of the audience. That’s what makes sure the lights stay on. Put your customers’ needs first before your need to get paid.

Core Value # 3: Always Include KLT In All Your Updates

When you’re sending out updates to your mailing list, understand that you are in the act of seduction. That’s what you’re doing. Basically, you are telling the prospect that they should pick you not another company, not another smooth-talking mailing list, but you.

To make this happen, you must first get the person to feel that they know enough about your solution and the problem they have. Next, get them to like your particular solution and then eventually, if you do this right, they start trusting your particular solution.

Your messages must be set up to reflect this. All your messages must lead to trust. Otherwise, you are playing the game wrong and you are going to fail.


Keep the three core values listed above top of mind. If these core values are not motivating your company and how you deal with your list members, chances are you will eventually fail.

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