Free Video Course – Modern Twitter Marketing

If you’re looking for a fairly automated way to build a brand online, you don’t have to
look further than Twitter. In fact, for the longest time, a lot of marketers and marketing
companies have long considered Twitter as a great place for brand formation. If you’re looking for
an online brand, Twitter is a great place to start. It’s easy to see why.

Twitter is so easy to use. You just need to post a tweet that is one hundred forty characters. You need to do it long enough. You have to pick the right hashtags. You have to pick the right content and, given enough focus and attention to detail, you will get it right. It’s just a matter of time.
Of course, this does not mean automatic success but, with everything else being equal, Twitter compared to other social media platforms, is definitely easier to master.

Let’s find out together from this free video course.

Black Twitter



Modern Twitter Marketing Introduction



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Video 1 Do These First Before You Start Marketing on Twitter


Video 2 Get Ready to Go Manual or Full Auto


Video 3 Manual Tweeting Marketing


Video 4 Manual Tweeting: Pros and Cons


Video 5 How to Find the Right Niche Influence Leaders on Twitter


Modern Twitter Marketing Video 6 Follow and Engage



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Video 7 What Happens When You Reach High Engagement Levels


Modern Twitter Marketing Video 8 Always Optimize Your Content


Modern Twitter Marketing Video 9 Leverage the Power of Questions


Modern Twitter Marketing Video 10 Twitter Marketing Best Practices


Modern Twitter Marketing Conclusion


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