Relentless Optimism Free Video Course

You’re One Step Closer To Attract More Success And Abundance Into Your Life.
Optimism is assuming the best outcome is possible. Pessimism assumes the worst outcome is inevitable. These two different types of people view life entirely differently. However, there is little doubt that optimists are happier, healthier, and generally more successful in all aspects of their lives. A little optimism goes a long way.

Many people believe that one’s past determines one’s level of optimism or pessimism. To a certain extent, that is true. Children raised to think positively are far more likely to remain optimists than children raised with negativism. However, as adults, we always have choices. Whether we spend our time making lemonade
out of lemons or complain about the shortage of lemons is always choice. While optimists see possibilities, pessimists see problems.

Pessimism is a mindset that we can change. This will happen when we want more out of life and when we believe we can achieve it.

While negative thoughts keep us focused on roadblocks and reasons not to act, optimism and positive thinking open our mind to new opportunities. It fills us with the belief that life can provide us with more. Optimists don’t expect guarantees, but they are willing to risk roadblocks and failure for the chance at success.

They see every reason why they should try for happiness.
It is this belief and mindset that determines the quality of their lives, not their ability, luck, or fate.
Optimists never see themselves as victims of circumstances. They understand things can go wrong at any time, but they also know how many good opportunities are possible. So, they learn to deal with obstacles to reach their goals and dreams. For optimists, obstacles are lessons to be learned on the road to success.
Optimists feel in control of their lives, while pessimist are certain that life controls them.

Defensive pessimism


Relentless Optimism Free Video Course Introduction

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    Video 1 What is Optimism


    Video 2 Benefits of Optimism


    Video 3 Boost Your Optimism When The Glass is Half-Empty


    Video 4 Optimism and Relationships


    Video 5 Why Some People Are Pessimists And How To Stop


    Video 6 Optimism and Gratitude


    Video 7 Optimism and Self-Confidence


    Video 8 Daily Optimism Habits


    Relentless Optimism Free Video Course Conclusion


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